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Customer Results and Testimonials 

 “I have been absolutely thrilled with the results Harley and I have had. It’s been a pain to get her on a diet that is both helpful to her health and doesn’t make her sick. Paw Bundle has been a lifesaver!” 

Harley, Zho Ra

“Some of you may remember that Sky got to try @pawbundle over a month ago. Now that we have had time to try it, we figured we would tell our friends about it. First off…the toys were a hit with Sky. I for sure thought that the little stuffed dog would be done by now, but it is still hanging in there. Sky sleeps with it every night and just this morning was having a blast fetching it in the hallway. Second…. the treats. Sky was a sceptic at first however, he is always a picky eater (surprising for a hound). Once he realized that he liked them, he now comes running when he sees me opening up the bag. I have noticed an improvement especially in his coat. His coat isn’t as sensitive and is a bit shinier. I would definitely recommend our friends to try it for at least a month and see how you like it.”

This is our young Border Collie, Pepper, she has been enjoying the toys and supplements but, I knew she would.  I was more concerned with our other Border Collie, Annie.  She ignores treats, usually just drops them and looks up at us like “What was that?”.  She gobbled these up.  I was so SURPRISED! She actually looks forward to it every night when I get home.  These are basically outdoor dogs, they have a heated room with water and play hard with us every night, but they are not pampered, bathed and groomed.  They have been looking a little rough all summer.  After 3 weeks of being on the skin and coat, I really noticed how soft and shiny they felt and looked.  Just like they had come home from the groomer.  I never give testimonials, but wanted to say how impressed I am with the care and thought that went into all of the Paw Bundle supplements. Thank you!

Annie & Pepper, Dee M

Cash was super excited to open his Paw Bundle box yesterday! What a great Halloween surprise! At 11 years old, he’s not particularly toy motivated anymore, but he LOVED that bat!!! We started all the supplements today…and he gobbled them down! The packaging was SUPER impressive, too! Thanks so much!