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Why are antioxidants important for dogs?

You’ve heard antioxidants are important, and that we should all be consuming more of them. But what are they? What do they do? And does your dog need them too? To define antioxidants, you have to start with the free radical. A free radical is an unstable molecule, which means it has just one [...]

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3 Ways to Naturally Treat Joint Pain in Dogs

Your heart breaks as you watch your dog wince going up stairs or limp over to greet you at the door. Their cheerful, energetic demeanor fades. And they seem uninterested in the things they used to love. If you’re noticing that your dog isn’t acting like themselves anymore, it may be joint pain. [...]

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3 Doggy Diet Tips To Help Avoid Skin And Coat Issues

One big problem many dog parents face is keeping their furry sidekicks skin and coat healthy… Have you ever looked over to see your dog incessantly scratching and nibbling at their skin? Even though you can see they are uncomfortable, it can be difficult to know what to do. Here are 3 essential ingredients for boosting your dogs immune [...]

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Should you give your dog probiotics?

Read through this article, then join us on Facebook Live Thursday, October 5th at 10 am PST 1pm EST.  We will ask questions from this article and give you a chance to win a FREE Paw Bundle! If you have spent time researching your dogs health, there's no doubt you've come across the large amount [...]

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Donec At Mauris Enims

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