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  •  Natural Soft Pressed Dog Supplement Cookies:  1 - 30 day supply of Bundle Bites ™ Antioxidants Formula to help promote anti-cancer activities. 1 - 30 day supply of Bundle Bites™ Hip and Joint or Skin And Coat. 
  • Digestive Health Aid:  30 day supply of quality probiotics.
  •  Dog Toothbrush: 1 Toothbrush per month to keep your dogs teeth clean, and help protect against gum, kidney, and heart disease.
  •  Extremely Fun Toys: Because spoiling your dog is ALWAYS GOOD!
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    Paw Bundle's Bundle Bites™ supplements are grain free and contain no meat or artificial, fillers, or by-products . 
    They are pressed not baked to provide maximum nutrition, and made in the USA. 
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